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Obama is destroying the country…one tan suit at a time

Obama is destroying the country…one tan suit at a time


Yesterday, Obama had the audacity to put this nation’s security at risk when he decided to where a  tan suit at his press conference. Ronald Reagan would have never in his right mind offended the public is such a fashion. Now the Russians and China have raised their terror alerts waiting for an ISIS retaliation because of the…

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Mommy Please Don’t Turn Me In

This is a great deterrent from taking things that’s not yours. When I was younger, I stole some bubble gum from the store, and when my mother found out, we returned to the store and she made me apologize.

Spontaneous Urination

I wouldn't have shared shit.

Sheryl Underwood is my soror and one of the past presidents of our national sorority. Currently she is a host of The Talk. Why in the hell did she think it was pertinent that she inform America that she pisses herself spontaneously is beyond my understanding. I mean think about it. Now, since she has informed the world about her…

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Beyonce Shuts Down Divorce Rumors

Beyonce Shuts Down Divorce Rumors

Picture provided by MTV Video Music Awards
Beyonce Shuts Down Divorce Rumors

The MTV Video Music Awards morphed into the Beyonce Video Music Awards today. There is no shame to admit that I am a huge fan, so it was a real treat for me to see another epic show from the queen. The awards show was just snippets of the On the Run Tour, which I was able to attend. If you have never seen Beyonce or Jay Z live, you are missing out on two epic…

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Rihanna Does The Ice Bucket Challenge, Will You?

Rihanna Does The Ice Bucket Challenge, Will You?

Rihanna does the ice bucket challenge
Rihanna Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

Are you willing to do it?

The ice bucket challenge has encouraged many celebrities and “normal” people to dump ice cold water on themselves for the cause of ALS. Rihanna so eloquently accepted the challenge during the Monster Tour. Despite her sometimes nasty attitude, she has answered the challenge in support of a great cause. I am a huge Rihanna fan, so I respect her participation in the cause.

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